Akyaka Town, Kitebase Gökova school, located on the coast of Gökova / Akçapınar, is a 10-minute drive from Akyaka, the nearest central tourism resort. Gokova / Akçapınar kiteboarding beach, 3 km long and only separated by other water sports and swimming is prohibited driving and training area for this sport in Turkey reprimand. summer thanks to the special geographical structure of the Gulf of Gokova Apart from this aspect of the thermal wind constantly blowing not only in Turkey is one of Europe's most important kiteboarding spot. In addition, Gökova / Akçapınar beach provides the opportunity to easily learn the Kiteboard due to the low level of the sea, shallow, hot and salt. Finally, there are services such as shade sitting and resting areas, shower, wc, cafe, car park at school and spot.

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Wind Conditions

Kiteboard Beach offers kiteboarding to all kiteboarders throughout the summer thanks to the thermal winds of Gökova Bay. The land-sea temperature change and the structure of the bay consist of a thermal wind starting at 11.00 every day and ending at 18.00. The winds that started in April with the warming of the weather continue until the end of October. Strong north wind and rainy days, except in the days of this period, the wind is able to catch Gokova.

2018 June - September Wind Condition


Akyaka is the closest hotel to the kiteboard beach and the most convenient hotels for apartments, bars, restaurants and accommodation. Also Akyaka is 60km away from Dalaman Airport and 25km from Marmaris and Muğla. It is possible to reach the kiteboard beach from the junction by using the school transfer vehicle or by foot. There are hotels and apartments in Akyaka and the surrounding areas where our school has been working together for years. Please consult us for the price and information before making your choice.

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